Portion Distortion

Understanding portion sizes is vital to maintaining a healthy weight.  Over the past decade, portion sizes have increased dramatically.  The standard serving size of everyday foods and drinks has crept upwards.  Think about how large muffins are in most cafes now.  Dainty biscuits have turned into giant cookies.  A standard cup of coffee 20 years ago was 250ml and approximately 45 calories.  Today coffees are often 500ml and can be over 300 calories (with syrups and sugars).  This means you are fueling up with more calories without even noticing.

Fast food outlets are not helping this problem.  The meals served up to you are sized so much larger than a recommended serving size (not that I’m recommending McDs!).  To give you more of an idea of the extent of this “portion distortion” compare the serving sizes of the cheeseburger meals below.

And then they ask you if you want to SUPERSIZE?!?

To help you understand what constitutes a portion size have a look at the image below.

This shows you how much one portion of these food groups actually looks like (take note men: this is based on an average-sized woman’s hand!)

Remember that how much you eat is as important as what you eat.

Images courtesy of: Manitoba Healthy Living & Chicago Partnership for Health Promotion.