Fluoride everyone?

The issue of water fluoridation is a controversial one with conflicting views; some people acknowledge the health benefits associated with the prevention of tooth decay, while others see water fluoridation as an infringement on individual rights.

A 2007 Australian review concluded that water fluoridation is the most effective way to expose entire communities to fluoride’s cavity-prevention effects.  But what are the long-term consequences of ingesting fluoride?  Fluoride has been implicated in many health problems due to its build-up within the body; and it doesn’t just accumulate in the teeth and bones.  Chronic doses of fluoride have been linked to dental fluorosis, thyroid and neurological disorders as well as hormone imbalances.

Many cities in the USA have recently decided to end their water fluoridation programs.  This fact in itself really makes me question whether water fluoridation is such a smart idea.  The exposure and side effects of water fluoridation is not monitored and fluoride dosages cannot be precisely controlled.  More clinical trials demonstrating fluoridation’s effectiveness and safety are certainly required.

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