14 Nourishing Breakfast Ideas

For many people breakfast is often a rushed meal or sometimes even skipped altogether.  A healthy breakfast helps to refuel your body after fasting overnight and can jump-start your day and give you much-needed energy.

For a good start to the day try to incorporate protein into your breakfast.  Eating protein helps keep you fuller for longer which can lead to healthier eating habits.  A protein breakfast will help to reduce cravings and balance blood sugar levels, ensuring you are less inclined to snack on unhealthy foods during the day.

If you normally eat cereal for breakfast, oats are a good protein source so try and choose an oat-based cereal or have natural muesli made with oats and nuts and seeds.  The nuts and seeds provide an additional useful source of protein.  Porridge with cinnamon topped with nuts and seeds is also a good option.  And don’t forget about eggs!  These are an excellent source of protein and also contain additional vitamin and mineral benefits.

Breakfast doesn’t have to be boring – try and vary what you eat on the weekends or during the week if you have time to keep it interesting and tasty.  Here’s some more breakfast ideas to keep you inspired (the first 6 have attached links so click on the title to see the recipe):

  1. Warm porridge smoothie
  2. Bircher muesli
  3. Chia porridge with nuts, seeds and berries
  4. Muesli pancakes topped with berry compote
  5. Mexican-style huevos rancheros
  6. Breakfast trifle
  7. Frittata
  8. Mushroom and egg omelet
  9. Wholegrain toast with poached eggs and baked beans
  10. Wholegrain muffin with scrambled eggs and smoked salmon (avoid smoked salmon if you are on a sodium-restricted diet)
  11. Add puffed quinoa (a high protein grain) to your breakfast cereal
  12. Hard boiled egg to eat on the run
  13. Sardines on toast
  14. Wholegrain toast with protein-rich nut butter (eg: almond butter)